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Make 5 Blossom 2016


Make £5 Blossom is an excellent opportunity for the future young entrepreneurs of Hull. With an initial investment of just £150, a whole class of eager pupils develop business plans and launch their idea, product or enteprising activities to make as much money as possible. Pupils will decide what they sell, where they sell it and to whom, before checking the profits and presenting their final results.

Business investors will be invited to the presentations, where certificates are awarded for the most successful businesses, as well as the most innovative, creative and hard-working entrepreneurs.

This year, £5 Blossom will be made of 14 schools with a mix of primary, secondary and special schools involved, and each business will link with one of them. At the lunach the business will get to meet the teacher and a couple of the pupils. There will be a chance to get to know a little about each other before the businesses hand over a £150 loan to the pupils, they will then return to their schools and have the opportuniity to use that money to be enterprising in providing a service or making & selling a product. 50% of any profit will stay with them.

The project will run from November 14th until April 24th 2017 which will culminate with a celebration event at the Guildhall. The schools will also return the original loan to the Youth Enterprise Bank and 50% of any profit they make, this will be split with the Be Enterprising Group of Practitioners to develop more enterprise resources for schools & sutdents and the charity, Action Duchenne ( raising awareness of the most common fatal genetis disoreder diagnosed in childhood, affecting approximately 1 in every 3,500 live male births.

Please take a look at the £5 Blossom video on this site to find out more!